Quality Assurance

We believe in quality control as the essence of our philosophy of medical analysis. At B. Lal, we practice rigorous and continuous evaluation of all processes and techniques. This is done to detect, reduce and correct deficiencies in our entire processing. Our work undergoes evaluation at all phases of the laboratory test cycle, including the pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical phase to ensure excellence in our service delivery. Continuous growth and improvement is a way of life at Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory. We follow a comprehensive and uniform Quality Policy across the entire network of Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory.

the passion to deliver quality services





Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is committed:


  • To comply with ISO 15189:2012 standards and to continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.
  • To follow good laboratory practices and provide ethical, accurate, reliable and timely diagnostic services to the patient whilst working as per our core values of Quality, Humanity, Service and Co – operation.
  • To enhance patient satisfaction by quality service delivery through the upgradation of knowledge, skills, services and technology.
  • To contribute significantly to the healthcare sector as well as the well-being of the society by assisting clinicians in conducting proper diagnosis and management of diseases, thereby driving forward our philosophy of Serving Best and Serving All.





Quality has always been a way of life at Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory. All the operations performed for healthcare service delivery undergo rigorous monitoring and quality control methods before they reach the delivery interface.

Adhering to systematic and standardised practices, we became the first ISO certified lab in Rajasthan in 2001 and got NABL accreditation in 2014. Our organisation is highly committed to maintain and grow in our quality standards, and to serve the ever changing health needs of the society.