Swine Flu

Swine Flu – A Threat to Life

Swine FluSwine influenza also known as pig flu, hog flu or swine flu is a disease of pigs that can be passed to humans. It is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by Influenza A viruses. It was first observed in Mexico in 2009. In August 2010, the World Health Organization declared the swine flu as an infected disease. Since then, the H1N1 virus has been known as a regular human flu virus.

Cause and Transmission

Swine Flu basically originated in swine or pigs. When the flu is transferred from swine to human then it is termed as zoonotic swine flu. Main Causes of this flu in humans occurs due to consuming infected pig meat or coming in direct contact with infected pigs. And then it transfers from one person to another. This human to human transfer takes place by coming in direct contact with an infected person via sneezing, coughing or touching a germ-covered surface.


In Swine, an influenza infection produces fever, lethargy, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and decreased appetite.
In humans the symptoms of “swine flu” H1N1 virus are similar to those of regular influenza. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue and sometime diarrhea and vomiting as well. The symptoms start 3-5 days after the virus enters the body. The severity of symptoms can vary from mild to severe. In some severe cases it may lead to death.


Your doctor can make a diagnosis by sampling fluid from your body. The swab will be analyzed using various genetic and laboratory techniques to identify the specific type of virus. A sample is said to be positive for Swine flu (H1N1) if all three targets, i.e. Influenza A, H1N1 Influenza A, and H1N1 Influenza A subtype H1 are detected. After testing positive for swine flu, patient should immediately consult a doctor.
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Treatment options include- Intake of Drugs Oseltamivir (Tamiflu), peramivir (Rapivab), and zanamivir (Relenza) seem to work best, although some kinds of swine flu don’t respond to oseltamivir. They work best when you take them within 48 hours of the first flu symptoms. Antibiotic doesn’t work in this type of flu because this is caused by virus not bacteria. Other then this Influenza vaccine can help to get rid of this flu.


Methods of preventing the spread of influenza among swine include facility management, herd management, and vaccination. Annual vaccination helps you to stay safe. Apart from vaccine, preventive measures include:
• Intake of proper diet to make your immune system stronger.
• Cover mouth & nose areas when sneezing or coughing.
• Washing hands by using any of the antibiotic liquid in warm water.
• Clean all the surfaces that the swine flu-infected person touches & uses.
• Don’t touch the surfaces randomly when the atmosphere is occupied by any affected individuals.

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