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(Rajasthan’s First ISO 9001 Certified Clinical Laboratory)


Established in 1991, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory has been providing relentless Pathological & Diagnostic solutions encapsulating technological and infrastructural advancements. The passion to deliver quality services clubbed with the confidence and conviction of our doctors and their patients in our services has made us become a time honored preference over last 23 years.


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Better to have medium/low salt food as the body’s digestive capabilities goes down.
Walk Daily for 20 minutes.
Drink adequate amount of water daily.
Eat Balanced diet.
Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet regime.
Asthmatics need to be careful as rainy weather worsens the condition
Sleep for 7 to 8 hours.
Avoid stress and tension
Do meditation to combat stress and tensions.
Take 3 to 4 meals a day, rich in protein as it boosts immunity
Practice yoga
Taking a dollop of honey in a warm lemon drink or a herbal tea is useful
Avoid the intake of the fast food in excess.
Avoid eating outside food & don't let the food sit outside in warm temps for too long
Plan your daily activities and take adequate time to rest.
Avoid working extra hours.
Spend time with the family as it helps you to overcome mental stress.
Don't sit in front of the computer or television for more than an hour.
Keep your weight under control.
Give time to your hobbies, this helps you to overcome the stress and tensions.
Exercise on daily basis to keep the blood circulation on a ground level
Get proper screening of diabetes, cholesterol and cardiac risks.
Avoid late night meals to avoid gastric as well as asthmatic problems.
Keep a check on your sugar and cholesterol levels.
Try to chew two tulsi leaves with honey daily and keep yourself internally fit
Eat fruits like papaya, pumpkin, carrot, spinach to keep yourself warm
Swallow a clove every morning to keep the infections at bay
People who are prone to joint and arthritic pains must take special care.
Drink a Lot of Water to Remain Hydrated.
Taking a dollop of honey in a warm lemon drink or herbal tea is useful